Correct way to shut down Windows 8

There are 4 built in ways to shut down windows 8, without having to resort to making a new short cut or charm in the metro start menu.

1) WIN+I then select the power button

2) Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and select the power button

3) If your on the desktop hover over the bottom right hand corner, and select system, and then the power button

4) If your on the desktop, pressing ALT+F4 and chose shutdown.


How to set up and perform basic configuration on the TP-Link TL-WR740N

As part of ICAICT408A we had to produce technical documentation – I chose How to set up and perform basic configuration on the TP-Link TL-WR740N

You can find the results at


The Valut – LOST for the web

I have found a very well produced web show called The Vault, and would like to say its very addictive.

You can find more out at


An nice, and easy way to track your chain mail

I got a real nice email from my mother today, its one of those chain mails that normally say or implies ‘pass it on’.

Inside i found some black text on a black background, and found a tracker id; cid:[email protected]

Well done to the person that inserted this id!



We can check your plugins and stuff


i386/lang cant install East Asian?

I had HEAPS of trouble tying to install East Asian language support on my windows XP machine, after a USB install with nLite.

Because of the trouble other people are also having, i have now uploaded a copy of the files that are required for East Asian support that are NOT on an nLite OS install.

Download from

If your a MS rep, please email with cease and desist, it would be better to contact me directly, then going to lunar pages.


Cut Back or move on?


Today is only the 18th, and i have transferred 619486.85 MB.

Everyone knows about, and – but is it time that i also made the home page useful?

Over the past 3 or 4 years of using word press i have made a total of 30 posts. Is it time that I started posting more?


Server Stress

You may find that the site will be slow over the next couple of days, the downloads section is getting hit rather hard.


Downloads working again

Sorry about the downloads getting a 500 error, i was working on a PHP script for ZHLT downloads last weekend, and placed a buggy line into .htaccess. The downloads section should work now.



So who is amckern & WTF is AMMAHLS? First AMMAHLS is just: amckerns Maps Mods And Half Life Stuff Who is amckern? I am ...